1.000 Lumen Ultra-Distance Torch

1.000 Lumen Ultra-Distance Torch

The high beam of a cars headlamp, outdoors, in your hand? Sounds crazy but this ultra distance torch makes it possible. Crystal bright light over a seemingly endless distance will bring a smile to your face just like putting your foot down in a sports car.
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This 1.000 Lumen* High-end LED-Torch has more to offer. Thanks to its 5 modes it can be dimmed... more
1.000 Lumen Ultra-Distance Torch

This 1.000 Lumen* High-end LED-Torch has more to offer. Thanks to its 5 modes it can be dimmed turning turning it into quasi a tame family saloon offering a convenient light for offroad adventures – which also helps save battery life.  An LED display permanently shows battery life. Its great having so much power but the party can soon be over with a low or even dead battery, but not with this lighting wonder, it can keep up 1.000 lumen for an amazing 308 minutes; enough for any successful outdoor challenge under difficult conditions.  Of course, the torch is water and dust proof according to international IPX7 Standard. The casing is made of a special hardened aluminium – the same stuff they make fighter jets with – perfect for the extreme outdoors. It also makes it very light but extremely tough and durable standing up to tumbles, knocks and being dropped without a problem. In a dangerous situation it becomes a real beast! A push of a button is enough and would be attackers are blinded and confused by by lightening from the 1.000 lumen strobe. Anybody looking into this light will be more interested in running than attacking.

A USB-connection allows for easy charging; naturally, a trendy little charger is included. It glows blue and fully charges the torch in 4 hours

This high performance torch also comes with a practicle carrying case for the charger, USB cable, car charger and carrying strap.

Naked Facts:

  • Ultra-distance Torch
  • Power: 1.000 lm (ANSI Standard)
  • Range: 640 m
  • Lamp: USA Made XM-L2 U2 Cree LED
  • : 308 min.  Nonstop in High-Mode / 68 hours nonstop in Low-Mode
  • Battery: 4 x NT18650A rechargable
  • Material: High quality 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum 
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Waterproof: 1 Meter depth according to IPX7 Standard
  • Size: 199 x 76 x 50 mm
  • Weight: only 488 Gramms (without battery!)
  • Quality proofed in strict alliance with ANSI / NEMA FL1
  • Delivery:  High-end LED-Torch, 4 x. 2.200mAh 18650 batteries, charger, case, carrying strap, USB-Cable, Car Cahrger, Instructions

Warning: Danger of serious eye damage. This torch has 1.000 Lumen lighting power. Do not look into the beam! In high mode, Do not shine into the eyes of people or animals under a distance of 50 meters. Not suitable for children under 14!

* Measured when being switched on in high mode with fresh alkaline batteries. This is an average that can deviate by  +/- 15% depending on chip and battery fitted.