The World’s Loudest Bicycle Bell

You somehow don’t get noticed with your conventional bicycle bell in the road traffic? Then it’s time to equip your bike with the AirZound air horn! With the world’s loudest bicycle bell you can even go against deaf car drivers.

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The AirZound bicycle bell runs with compressed air and is with up to 115 dB in fact as loud as a... more
The World’s Loudest Bicycle Bell

The AirZound bicycle bell runs with compressed air and is with up to 115 dB in fact as loud as a motor horn! After the filling using compressed air at a gas station or with your bicycle pump you can use it up to 40 times, then the AirZound has to be filled again. It is attached on the handlebars, where you can strap the compressed air bottle to the bicycle frame or you can stow it in the bottle cage. The horn has a volume regulation, but if possible you should only employ it against motorized road users. Please spare pedestrians and bikers – you don’t want to be the reason for a heart attack!
Bare facts:

  • Compressed air powered bicycle bell (the world’s loudest bicycle bell)
  • Sound power up to 115 dB
  • Volume controller (30 - 115 dB)
  • Attachment for the plastic horn on the handlebar
  • Suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 0.98'' to 1.03'' (25 to 26.2 mm)
  • Velcro-holder for the compressed air bottle
  • Horn and compressed air bottle are connected via tube (approx 27.5''/70 cm)
  • Valve for the filling (maximum pressure 5.5 Bar / 80 Psi)
  • Weight: approx. 3.5 oz. (100 g)
  • Important: the AirZound bicycle bell is not allowed in road traffic according to the road traffic regulations!


In case the horn does not work right away we have a tip for you: pull the plastic tube strongly once (on the side of the plastic bottle), so that possible twists of the plastic tube below the plastic cover cap of the compressed air bottle can dissolve and the functionality can be ensured again.

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